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Health Maintenance:

Suggested Health Maintenance Visits



2 days

Weight / feeding
(appointments scheduled at 1:30 p.m., check with nurse practitioner)

2 weeks Checkup
4 weeks Second Checkup and discuss vaccinations (suggested for first time parents)
2 months Checkup, 1st series of vaccinations
4 months Checkup, 2nd series of vaccinations
6 months Checkup, 3rd series of vaccinations
9 months Check for Development and Growth, Vision Screen, TB tine (tuberculosis), Lab for anemia and urine.
12 months Checkup, Measles, Mumps, Rubella vaccine, Vanicella vaccine (Chicken Pox)
15 months Checkup, 15 months 4th series optional
18 months Checkup, 4th Series optional
2 Years Old Checkup and lab, recommend 1st Hepatitis A vaccine
3 & 4 Years Old Annual exams and lab, Vision screen,  complete Hepatitis A
5 Years Old

Pre-Kindergarten checkup with pre-K vaccines- IPV, MMR, DTAP, Hepatitis A if not previously done

6-11 Years Old Suggest complete physical every 18-24 months, lab advisable
12-21 Years Old Adolescent annual exam strongly recommended
Adult Immunizations: Tetanus booster every 10 years. Pneumovax every 10 years starting at age 65 unless in a high risk group
Adult Women's Health: Physician exam, stoop and PAP smear annually, annual mammogram starting at age 40.
Adult Men's Health: Exam every 3-5 years until age 50, then yearly.